Specjalistyczne kursy dla ortodontów

Terms and Conditions

Regulations concerning ORTO-FAN® KURSY courses and regulations on payments

These regulations shall determine the principles of operation and use of the website http://kursy.ortofan.pl/ and services available through the site by the Users, consisting of the possibility to become familiar with the offer of ORTHO-FAN® courses Zdybel Michael and Catherine Zdybel SC, and set out the rules for user registration, procedure on enrollment into courses and the rules concerning payments.

I. General information

  1. The courses are organized by ORTO-FAN® KURSY Michał Zdybel i Katarzyna Zdybel S.C. with its registered office in Jagiellońska 66, 03-468 in Warsaw.

  2. The courses are held in Poland. The Organizer chooses the most convenient localization depending on the given organizational possibilities. The information on localization is provided each time in the current Courses Catalogue and on kursy.ortofan.pl

II. Methods of enrollment into courses and general provisions concerning payments and its settlement

  1. In order to enroll into a course through the said site the applicants are obliged to accept these regulations.

  2. If the applicant does not accept full content of these regulations enrollment into the course is impossible.

  3. The possible methods of course enrollment are as follows:

a) e – mail application and bank transfer payment

b) filling out the application form located on the website kursy.ortofan.pl and make payments electronically or by bank transfer

  1. Admissions to courses given according with the order of the applications confirmed by payments.
  2. The Organizer may cancel an application if there is no record of payment from the participant.
  3. Should the number of persons interested in the course exceed the number of the vacancies, the Organizer creates an additional list (according to the order of the applications). First person on the list is informed about a new vacancy, as soon as it appears.
  4. In the case of persons enlisted in the additional list, registration is organized according to the order of the applications followed by the order of the payments.
  5. The price of the course depends on the date of the payment made by the applicant. Provisions concerning payments and their amount are specified in detail individually for each course in current Course Catalogue and on the on the website kursy.ortofan.pl.
  6. The full reimbursement of paid amount is possible at least 30 days before start of the course. Starting two weeks before the course, there is possibility of reimbursement to 30% of paid amount. For information on reimbursement communicated less than 14 days before the start of course Organizer reserves the right to deduct the total amount paid and to refuse reimburse the paid amount.
  7. Invoices for the purchased course issued by ORTO-FAN® KURSY Michał Zdybel i Katarzyna Zdybel S.C. constitute advance payment invoices covering total gross price of the service which will not be accounted for with final invoice, after the service is provided. Legal basis: §14, par. 5, Order of Finance Minister of May 25, 2005.
  8. ORTO-FAN® KURSY Michał Zdybel i Katarzyna Zdybel S.C. reserves the right to cancel any course, should there be any unpredictable situations or if not enough number of participants will sign in for the course. In such a case, ORTO-FAN® KURSY Michał Zdybel i Katarzyna Zdybel S.C. is obliged to reimburse and to inform all the participants about the change.
  9. Each applicant who wish to benefit from the “special prices” and “courses for specialists” should show confirmation on receiving orthodontist specialization training.

IIa. Provisions concerning bank transfer payments.

In case of using bank transfer payment method all payments for courses shall be made into the following account.

ORTO-FAN KURSY  Michał Zdybel i Katarzyna Zdybel
Bank PKO S.A. w Warszawie

IIb. Provisions concerning electronic payments.

  1. The provisions of this chapter shall apply for the payments made electronically. Electronic payment is made through Payment Operator which is operator of payment service Przelewy24, tj. PayPro SA with its registered office in Poznań.

  2. Successful reservation of course takes a place in the moment when electronic payment is made. As a moment of payment shall be treated the transfer of funds confirmed by Payment Operator made form bank account, payment cards owned by paying person or made from the other source.

  3. The amount of the course`s price is indicated each time in the current Course Catalogue and on kursy.ortofan.pl.

  4. After expression of the will to pay for the course, user is provided with information on amount of payment and about the fact of additional payment, submission payment for the Payment Operator.

  5. After the confirmation of expression of the will to pay the specified amount for the course the forwarding to the Payment Operator site is performed. On the said site the full price of the course and total submission payment is indicated for which the transfer of fund shall be made.

  6. Payment may be made using the method indicated on the Payment Operator`s website. The Payment Operator enables to make payment among others through the following methods:

a\ mTranfer (mBank),

b\ MuliTransfer (mBank),

c\ Płacę z Inteligo (Inteligo),

d\ Płacę z iPKO (PKO BP S.A.),

e\ Płacę z iKO (PKO BP S.A.)

f\ Płace z iPKONET (PKO BP S.A.)

g\ Przelew24 (BZ WBK S.A.),

h\ Płać z BOŚ (BOŚ S.A.),

i\ Płać z ING (ING Bank Śląski S.A.)

j\ Eurobank płatność online (Euro Bank S.A.),

k\ Crédit Agricole przelew online (Credit Agricole Bank Polska S.A.)

l\ Płacę z Citi Handlowego (Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A. Citi Handlowy),

m\ Pekao24przelew (Bank Pekao S.A.),

n\ Alior Bank S.A. (Płacę z Alior Banku),

o\ Alior Bank S.A. (T-Mobile Usługi Bankowe (Alior Sync),

p\ Millennium – Płatności Internetowe (Bank Millennium S.A.),

q\ MeritumBank Przelew (Meritum Bank ICB S.A.)

r\ PayWay Toyota Bank (Toyota Bank Poska S.A.),

s\ db Transfer (Deutsche Bank PBC S.A.)

t\ PeoPay (Bank PeKaO S.A.)

u\ Plus Bank S.A. (Płacę z Plus Bank)

v\ Płacę z Idea Bank (Idea Bank S.A.)

w\ Przelew z Volkswagen Bank direct (Volkswagen Bank S.A.)

x\ płatności kartami płatniczymi VISA, MasterCard i inne

y\ elektroniczną wielowalutową portmonetkę Skrill, PayPal


  1. After selection of service enabling payment and transfer of funds the system will automatically return to the Payment Operator website and then also will return automatically to the website. In event of failure of such return the “return” link should be selected. Successful completion of payment for course shall be confirmed by appropriate message.

  2. In the process of payment the provisions set out in regulations of Payment Operator shall apply. Regulations of Payment Operator is available at the following link https://www.przelewy24.pl/regulamin.

  3. Selection of electronic transfer method requires providing of personal data to the Payments Operator. Payments Operator shall:

a \ process the personal data only for the services specified in these regulations,

b \ process and protect personal data in accordance with applicable law,

c \not disclose personal data to unauthorized parties and will not to process them for marketing purposes, unless the user gives the consent to do so.

III. The courses

  1. The participants shall be provided with writing materials. If the lecturer prepares the scientific materials, Organizer shall provide them to participants. The course materials prepared by the lecturer are intended solely for the private use of the participants. It is prohibited to copy and share the content of said materials to people who were not participants of the course.

  2. During the all – day course Organizer provides two coffee breaks (hot and cold drinks, snacks) and buffet lunch or lunch served in the hotel restaurant.

  3. The content of the lectures is presented in line with earlier themes, and its plan. ORTO-FAN® KURSY Michał Zdybel i Katarzyna Zdybel S.C. reserves the right for providing minor modifications, if the speaker decides so (without the necessity of informing the participants in advance).
  1. During the courses organized by ORTO-FAN® KURSY Michał Zdybel i Katarzyna Zdybel S.C., all the participants have a total ban for taking photos, audio and video recording, unless the lecturer officially gives the consent to do so. Failure to comply with this rule may result in leaving the course by participant without the refund.

IV. Conditions for receiving the credit for the course

  1. The doctors participating in the courses organized by ORTO-FAN® KURSY Michał Zdybel i Katarzyna Zdybel S.C. are granted educational points by Medical Association*. The number of points depends on the number of the training hours.

  2. The presence at the course and signing the attendance list are prerequisites required to receive a certificate from Medical Association including the information on educational points.

  3. After the course is finished, each participant who was present at the course, made payment and signed the attendance list, shall receive the certificate on the number of educational points granted for the Medical Association as well as the certificate of attendance.

V.  Personal data of course participants

  1. Course participants’ personal data are protected by Polish Data Protection Act published on 29th August, 1997 (Journal of Laws No 133, item 883). The Organizer declares that this protection is following the law of the Polish Personal Data Act and its all regulations.

  2. Participants give permission to processing personal data for course purposes to the Organizer by declaring intent for participate in a course, including disclosing of said data to third parties if it is necessary for the fulfillment of Organizer`s obligations (e.g. disclosure of data to the Medical Association in order to sum the points).

  3. Participants may give additional permission to process personal data for marketing purposes. The permission is volitional and it is not a condition to participate a course.

  4. Participants are allowed to have an insight into personal data, verify or complete it or demand ceasing of all forms its use.

VI. Complaints

  1. Complaints concerning payment made electronically should be directed to the Payment Operator to the address indicated on the website www.płatności24.pl or directly to the course organizer at the address indicated on the website http://kursy.ortofan.pl/.

  2. The complaint should contain at least:

a \ name, surname and PESEL number of account user which payment was realized,

b \ e -mail address and phone number necessary for a contact,

c \ date and approximate time of the transaction,

d \ amount of the transaction,

e \ description of irregularities which occurred.

3. Complaints shall be considered within the timeframe specified in the relevant provisions.

VII. General provisions

  1. Information not included herein shall be provided for in current course catalogue and on the website. Should there be any doubts, please contact ORTO-FAN® KURSY Michał Zdybel i Katarzyna Zdybel S.C. department directly.

  2. ORTO-FAN® KURSY Michał Zdybel i Katarzyna Zdybel S.C.  reserves the right to change the regulations.

*Unless the Courses Catalogue provides otherwise.