Specjalistyczne kursy dla ortodontów


Palatal miniscrews- Insertion and biomechanics

The workshop will be conducted by prof. Björn Ludwig.

To use palatal TADs the following steps are required:

  • Insertion of the palatal TADs (identifying the optimal insertion site, anaesthesia and placement of the TADs),
  • Transfer of the intraoral situation to a plaster model (adapting transfer caps to the palatal TADs, taking impressions, use of the laboratory analogues),
  • Designing the palatal bone born appliance on the plaster model

The workshop will consist of work stations in small groups:

Material provided:

  • TADS, appliances, working material and typodonts,
  • Printout of all relevant working steps
  • USB-driver with the workshop instruction movies and all slides presented in the workshop

Material required: Pliers to bend and cut wires up to a diameter of 0.36 inch